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China will dominate the global photovoltaic product market

Editor:TDG-NISSIN PRECISION MACHINERY CO.,Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-05-14 

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) recently released the latest report entitled “2014 Global PV Market Outlook”. The report first confirmed the steady development of the photovoltaic industry in recent years. Although the economic crisis has not faded, the PV market in 2009 still grew by 15% year-on-year, and the total installed capacity increased by 45% to 22.9 GW. EPIA also revised its forecast for the installed capacity in 2010. Under normal circumstances, the global new market will reach 10.1 GW, and if the policy is favorable, it will reach 15.5 GW. The earlier forecasts are only 8.2 GW and 12.7 GW respectively. The EPIA also pointed out that under the favorable policy, the global PV installed capacity in 2014 could exceed 30 GW in a single year。

      China is a well-known photovoltaic manufacturing country, and the annual output of photovoltaic cells has jumped to the top in the world. But for a long time, it has not ranked in the world application market. In 2009, China ranked among the top ten PV markets in the world for the first time. According to data from the China Industry Association and government agencies, the size of China's PV market in 2009 was about 160 MW. EPIA said in its report that with its 12 GW super-large transmission line project, China has the strength to rapidly grow into a major market in Asia and the world。

      According to EPIA's forecast, if the government introduced relevant incentive policies in 2010, the scale could exceed 600 MW. By 2014, China's new photovoltaic power generation capacity will be between 600 MW and 2.5 GW. The EPIA report shows that in the production of crystalline silicon cells and photovoltaic modules, manufacturers in mainland China and Taiwan are still dominant (its market share exceeds 50%). The market share of crystalline silicon cells and photovoltaic modules in Europe is 20% and 30% respectively. Both of these indicators in Japan do not exceed 10%. The market share of both US production is less than 5%。