Specializing in R&D and manufacturing of semi-semiconductor materials cutting, grinding, polishing equipment and automation equipment

Technical strength

R & D team: The company has a high-quality, high-skilled R & D team, more than 20 R & D personnel, including more than 40% of master's and senior titles, through the continuous introduction of talent, training talents, active and institutions, research institutes seeking Cooperation has gradually grown and formed a group of technical talents who are young and strong, innovative and practical.

Independent innovation: Through continuous innovation of the team for many years, it has over 200 patents in the fields of semiconductor, photovoltaic/material processing and sapphire crystal processing, including more than 100 invention patents; 3 national computer software copyrights, various new types A number of product and technology projects.

Cooperation between industry, university and research institute: The company attaches great importance to the road of scientific and technological innovation combining production, learning and research, and actively carries out different forms of scientific and technological cooperation with major professional universities and research institutes. Now it has cooperated with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Jiaxing College, etc. A number of research institutes have launched a number of technical cooperation.