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How is the chip made? After reading this, you will understand!

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Source: CCTV News, China Economics Lecture Hall, thank you。

In the past two months, due to a series of things, everyone’s attention to the domestic chip industry has increased。

So what is a chip? How to make chips? How much high technology is involved? What is the current status of China's chip industry? What are the challenges?

Here we forward a copy of CCTV News:

Don't look at the small size of the chip, but it is very difficult to manufacture. It is no less than a city built on the fingernail. The chip we generally see is like this↓

But under the microscope, like the streets are dotted, countless details are amazing.。

It turns out that the size of the fingernail chip hasSeveral kilometers of wires and tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of transistors。

In order to make these nano-scale components "settle in the house", the chip has to undergo nano-scale transformation of hundreds of processes before it is put into use.……

The chip, which uses the most abundant and cheapest silicon dioxide as raw material, has made the planet’s technological know-how and awarded the best counter-attack award!

So, at what stage is China’s “core” at the moment? What are the problems?

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