As a continuously developing company, in the face of a good industry development trend, Tiantong Rijin hopes to take advantage of the trend and continue to attract people with ideal and ambition to join us,
The development of the industry has made suggestions.

Software Engineer / Electrical Design Engineer

Position:Software Engineer / Electrical Design Engineer number:2 Place:No. 129 Shuanglian Road, Economic Development Zone, Haining City Salary:面议 Education: Release Time:2019-05-24
Job Responsibilities:

1.Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Internet of Things, Computer, Software, Robotics, Mathematics, etc.。

2.Electrical circuit design, PLC software development, PC software development, robot application, etc.。

3.Requirements: Hard work, adapt to business trips, have strong hands-on ability, have hobbies for the profession, pay attention to the development of intelligent manufacturing, automation industry;

Work Content:

Automated control or industrial design software and other related majors with more than 3 years of work experience. Haining locals are preferred to adapt to business trips.

Welfare treatment:

1.8 hours a day, double break;
2.Enjoy the national formal vacation system, if the country is legally working on holidays, give three times overtime pay;
3.The company handles social security in a unified manner;
4.Enjoy other benefits such as year-end bonuses ;
5.The company provides broad development space and promotion opportunities;

6.Salary structure:Basic salary + performance salary + full attendance award

Working address:No. 129 Shuanglian Road, Economic Development Zone, Haining City


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